The Many Faces Of Amanda!!

Amanda As We know Her:
Amanda In Berlin Circa 1930's: "Hey Mister! I'm nobody's sister!"
Amanda As Duncan First Met Her:
Amanda The Belly Dancer:
Amanda As She Began:
Amanda And Friend:
Amanda In A Towel!!:
Amanda In Disguise:
Amanda In The Circus!!:
Amanda The Gun Moll:

Amanda Speaks And Moves!!

Amanda's Advise To Duncan:
"I'm Sorry!":
Amanda The Opinionated!!:
Amanda The Threatening!:
Amanda The Compassionate:
Amanda The Helpless:
Duncan's Last Word On Amanda!!:
Amanda's Broom Remark: A Quick Time Movie!!
Rattling The Headboard!! (snerk!): Another Quick Time Movie!
Waking A Snoring Dunkie-Poo!!: Yet Another Quick Time Movie
Duncan's Opinion of Amanda!:
A Less Flattering Opinion Of Amanda!:
Richie The Lionhearted!!: