Meet    My    Guy    Bennu!

Bennu is an extraterrestrial with limited psi-abilities including esper, empathy, and telekinesis> He is dependent on the sun for his survival and the amulet he wears on his chest is an amplifier for the light of Sol 3. He is from the defunct TV series "The Phoenix". Bennu was sent to earth thousands of years ago by his people (a kind benevolent race) to help teach and guide mankind. But he arrived too soon. We weren't ready for him so he was placed in suspended animation to await the day of his rebirth when we would be ready to accept him. Buried in the earth of Peru he was discovered by a team of archeaologists and once again awakened too soon. But this time the consequences were more serious than the last. In trying to release Bennu the scientists of The Institute for Astroareaology damaged the memory circuits of Bennu's sarcophogus and so Bennu does not have all his meemories. He has no idea what his specific mission here on earth is nor how to accomplish it. Bennu is an expert in his knowledge of crystals and light refractology. He now lives in Sim City where he works at the Healing Oasis as a crystal therapist and a light therapist. He teaches music at the SimCity Community College and is a wonderful pianist (SEE Bennu wav this Page). He also works partime at Silas's livey stable. Bennu must absorb the radiation of the sun. It gives him his power (SEE pic this Page)and sustains him. Bennu loves the sun. He can be found at almost anytime basking in it's embrace. He spends very little time in doors during the day. Bennu is very non violent: As his fellow Sim Joachim is fond of sneering, "Bennu wouldn't hurt a fly. Or if he did he'd probably try and give the pest mouth to mouth resusitation!" Bennu can get along with anyone but Jachim sometimes takes his little jibs too far and forces Bennu to act. Warning!! Warning!! Joachim is fond of little pranks and jokes. He sometimes tries to pass himself off as Bennu and take advantage of people! Look for the amulet fellow SIMizens! If "Bennu" isn't wearing it then it isn't Bennu!! You have been warned!

Bennu Plays Beethovan

Ode To Joy:

Images Of A Phoenix

Those Eyes!:
A Close Up!!:
Bennu On The Defensive:
Bennu's Lifeline:
Bennu The Good Samaritan:
The Offer:
Formal Portrait of Bennu!! (Danni made him comb his hair!):