Connor MacLeod

Clansmen: Two Souls:
Connor On the Battlefield!!:
Connor The Thinker:
Connor The Brooder:
Connor And Duncan At Play:
Connor And Duncan: Offering Comfort:
Duncan And Connor: Offfering Advise:
Connor The Highland Warriior:
Connor The Modern Warrior:
That Smile!! *sigh*:
Connor And Brenda Meet Ramirez!!:
The "Duel" On Boston Common:
Again With The "Duel"!! *snicker*:
Clansmen: Two Souls 2:
Brooding Connor:
Connor's First Sight Of The Kurgan ...: "Mother Of God!"
Connor The Smith:

Connor Speaks And Moves!!

Connor's Sexy Laugh!!:
"There Can Be Only One!":
"What Kept You?":
The Belligerent Connor:
Who Is This Guy??:
How Does Connor Do It?:
Connor's Idea Of An Apology! *snerk*:
Connor's Favorite Pastime:
Connor Introduces Himself To Tessa:
Connor Meets Duncan In "The Gathering": These Next Are QuickTime Movies!! You'll Need Quick Time To View Them!! And Patience!!
"There Can Be Only One!":
Duncan And Connor At Play!:
Connor Tells Duncan The Way It Is:
More Swordplay!!:
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Looky What I Found!?! An Aninmated Connor Gif!! Too Kewl!!:
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