Consonne,    Ole!!

Otavio Consonne is a Spanish Immortal, Master of the sword art known as "The Mysterious Circle". And Master of Spanish dance!! Today in SimCity he teaches flamence and dirty dancing at Danny's Dance in the Mall!! He is from the Highlander episode "Duende"! Master Consonne is fiery tempered and just a touch determined when it comes getting what he wants. Consonne is a great one for the Senoritas (or Senoras! He's not pickey!) Suave and very macho he can nevertheless be dangerous when thwarted. And he has a looooong memory and can carry a grudge like nobody's business! He can be very romantic tho! He loves whispering sweet nothings into the ears of lovely ladies! A bit wild at times, Consonne adores good wine and dancing music!!

Te Quiero, Consonne!!

Consonne And Friend:
The Quarrel:
The Fight!:
More Swords!:
Battle On, Consonne!!:
Perry, Thrust, Feint!!:
THE SUANA!!: As Jim Carrey says in "The Mask", "Hold on to your lugnuts! It's time for an overhaul!!" Get out those drool buckets, ladies!! Consonne is the one sitting on the bench!!
ANTHONY DE LONGIS OFFICIAL SITE!!: This is Tony's own official Fanclub Site!! Come check it out!!
Consonne And Duncan Talk In The Suana!!: You'll Need QuickTime Movies For This!!
The Formal Consonne!!:
Lovely Consonne!!: