Images Of Hugh Fitzcairn

Fitz In The 1920's:
Fitz The Sad!:
Fitz The Chef:
Fitz And His Meershaum Pipe:
Fitzzy The Knight In Shining Armour!:
Fitz The Swords Man!!:
Fitz The 17th Century Fashion Plate!:
The Modern Day Fitz:
Roaring 20's Fitz!:
Jazz Age Fitzzy And Car!:
Fitz The Angel!:
Jazz Age Fitz Plays For His "Friends" At Fitzcairn Manor!:
FitZ And Mac In Italy:
Fitz And Mac Share Mead:
Fitz And The Stock Market Crash Of 1929!!:
Fitz And Duncan:
Fitz The Appalled:
Fitz In Disguise!:
Fitz And The "19th Hole":
Fitz And the Cow!:
Fitz And his Trusty Golf Club:

Hugh Fitzcairn Speaks And Moves!!

Fitz Speaks!:
Fitz's Opinion Of Himself!:
"JUST A MINUTE! This Is Madness!!":
Fitz The Liar!:
"Have A Little Respect For the Dead, Laddie!":
Fitzzy's Opionion Of Life:
"Fine the Cow":
Fitz Attends his Own Funeral!:
Fitz Apologises In "Stone Of Scone"!: A QuickTime Movie!! Be Parient! Enjoy!! These Are Both Courtesy Of Highlandlass And Fitzcairn Manor!! Hi, Sheri!:):) Thanks!!
Fitz And Duncan Share A Cup Of Mead In "The Hunters"!: Another QuickTime Movie!
Fitzcairn Manor: Check It Out!! Fitzzy Pics, Sounds, Etc!! And Fitz's Fantastic Woman/Wanderers!! Fun, Fun, Fun!
Kathy Maclaren's Roger Daltry Site!: Whoo Boy!! More RD And Who Piccy's And Info Than Is Decent For Any One person To Have Or Know! Kathy Has It All!! Visit Her Site And Drool!!