Meet Joachim!

Joachim is the son of Khan Noonian Singh from "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"! Like his father Joachim is a selectivly bred eugenically conceived "superior lifeform" (His words, not mine!) In the late 20th Century scientists around the world began to secretly attempt to "improve the breed". Working quietly they suceeded thru the science of eugenics in creating a superior human being. Joachim and his kind are much stronger, faster, etc than the average human. If you listen to Joachim he is superior in EVERY way!:):) These scientists found shortly that they had suceeded only TOO well ... they failed to realize that they had also bred superior ambition. According to Star Trek in the late 1990's a group of about 60 of these young "genetic supermen" seized power around the world. This lead to the so called "Eugenics Wars", a quick but bloody upheaval that came close to devastating the earth. Joachim's father Khan Noonian Singh was one of these rulers who seized power. Before he was done Khan Noonian Singhn was ruler of over a quarter of the earth. When The Eugenics Wars came to a conclusion the "supermen" were defeated and most of them were killed. Khan Singh, however escaped in a primitive DY-100 class space ship named The Botany Bay along with 70 of his followers, including his son Joachim. Placed in cryogenic freeze the passengers of the Botany Bay drifted in space until they were discovered in the 24th Century by Jmaes Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Revived, Khan Singh failed in his attempt to take over the Enterprise and he and his people were subsequently marooned on Ceti Alfa 5. Six months after they were left there Ceti Alfa 6 exploded and the resultant upheaval left Ceti Alpha 5 a wasteland. Joachim now resides in SimCity. He is employed by the SimCity Army as a strategist. He also works part time at The MacLeod Dojo as an instructor. Joachim is an arrogant son of a gun. He is prone to boasting and such and has a very quick temper that sometimes gets him into trouble. But deep down Joachim is a tad insecure altho he covers it well with bravado. Joachim loves physical activity of any kind: running, martial arts practice, etc. He also loves Jolt Cola ("Twice the caffeine of ordinary cola!!"), chocaolate ice cream and chocolate cookies. Unfortuneatly he also loves day time soap opera's ...

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