Meet Kolya Rostov!!

Nicolai (Kolya) Rostov is an Adrian Paul SIM from Dynasty 2: The Colby's. Nicolai likes to be called Kolya and he is a dancer. Trained in classical ballet, Kolya has danced since he was 9 and studied with both the Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet Companies in his native Russia. When he was 16 he was taken into the Corps de Ballet of the Bolshoi and eventually became their Preimere Dancier. He danced with the Bolshoi for five years until he arranged to be taken into the Kirov Company for reasons of artistic freedom. Then six years ago, while on tour with the Kirov he defected to the United States. It was in New York at a party for the Kirov Company thrown by Hizzoner The Mayor Of New York City that Kolya meet Fallon Colby and the rest is history. But less than a year later Fallon was tragically slain by terrorist while attending the wedding of her sister and Prince Michael of Moldavia. Currently Kolya lives in SimCity. He teaches dance at Danny's Dance at The Mall. He also assists with the production Company at the SimCity Opera and at the SimCity Theater. Kolya is a very happy person at heart. He lives to dance. Kolya will never love or need anyone as much as he loves/needs to dance. All kinds of dance! He is currently studing flamenco with fellow SIM Consonne who also teaches at Danny's Dance. He loves hot tea and junk food, listens to Rock And Roll constantly and avoids the cold of winter like the plague!

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