Images Of A Very BAD Boy!

The Kurgen In His Armour!!:
The Kurgan Again In His Armour:
The Kurgan And the Priest:
God, I Do Love That Armour!!:
A Close Up Of The Kurgan:
The Kurgan Yet Again In His Armour:
The Kurgan With Long Hair!:
Thje Kurgan In A GOOD Mood!:
The Kurgan's Sword: Image Courtesy of War Angel At the Highlander Sword Shoppes Guide!!
The Kurgen Practices With His Blade:
The Kurgan And Ramirez!:
The Kurgan On His Horse:
Cast Photo Of The Kurgen:
The Kurgan Attends Church:
The Kurgan And His Best Friend:
That Face! *sigh*:
The Death Of The Kurgen:
The Kurgan VS. Connor:
Connor Disagrees With The Kurgan:
The Kurgan VS. The Caddy!:
The Kurgan And Connor:
The Kurgan In Black And White:
The Kurgan Has A Thing For Cars ...:
Love That Sword!:
The Kurgan On The Battlefield:
The Kurgan At Practice!:
The Kurgan Objects To His Hotel Accomdations:
The Kurgan Licks The Priest's Hand!:
Alley's Are Dangerous Places:
He's Coming For You!:
The Kurgan Vs. The Vigilante!:
"And Another One Bites The Dust ... And Another One's Gone!":
Such A Beautiful Face!:

The Kurgan Speaks!!

My Favorite Kurgan Wav! A Candy Gram Of A DIFFERENT Kind!!: These Wavs Are All Courtesy Of Stud26!! Thanks!!
The Kurgan Opinion of Everybody!:
"There can Be Only One!":
The Kurgan's Philosophy:
The Kurgan's Idea Of Inconspicuous:
The Kurgan's Greeting:
A More Intimate Greeting:
The Kurgan Sings!!: Honest! Realio-Trulio!! I Swear!
Thw Kurgan Frightens An Old Lady:
The Kurgan's Solution To ANY Problem:
The Kurgan's Opinion Of Religion:
The Kurgan's Opinion Of Ramirez!!:
A Polite Request From The Kurgan:
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The Kurgan Practices With His Blade!: This Is A Quick Time Movie! You'll need Quick Time To View It!!
The Kurgan Kills Connor!: Anpother Quick Time Movie!!

The Kurgan's Entry In The Watcher DataBase!!

Extra! Extra Read All About Him!!:
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