Vim's And Their OIC's

Talk To these lucky Simizen's who already OIC a cuddly Vim and let them encourage you to grab one of your own!

Vim's Galore!

Sir Maurice De Bracy From "Ivanhoe"!: OIC'd By Lilly!
Percy Bysshe Shelly From "Rowing With The Wind": OIC'd By Crystal!
Sir Patrice From "First Knight": OIC'd By Laura!
Sarek From "Robin Of Sherwood": OIC'd By Dez!
Danny Boulton/Danny Black From "Heartbeat": OIC'd By Crystal!
His End Of Timeness, Bronze Age Kronos!! From "Highlander: The Series": OIC'd By Kimmer!
Alternate Reality Kronos From "Highlander: The Series": Co-OIC'd By Lorna And Marie!
Modern Kronos From "Highlander: The Series": OIC'd By Kimmer!
Gino From "If Tomorrow Comes": OIC'd By Crystal On Behalf Of Us All!
Leonardo Montez From "Zorro": OIC'd By Kahtya!
Kronos Kompound: Virtually All Images Provided By Godiva! Visit Her At Kronos Kompound! Now! That's An Order! *Yes, Dear, but Philadelphia is a long way away*
Shammah From "King David": OIC'd By Lilly!
Roland From "Crossbow": OIC'd By Lilly!
John Keswick From "Mortimer's Law": OIC'd By Lilly!
Robert Dudley, Earl Of Leicester From "Under Suspicious Circumstances": OIC'd By Mamabeast!
Gaston From "Traveler Without Luggage": OIC'd By Suz!
Shadwell From "Pulaski: TV Detective": OIC'd by Kimmer!
Efram Yankelevich From "Sakharov": OIC'd By Sharon!
Jacques From "Nanou": OIC'd By Reggie!
Evrard Boteril From "The Virgin In The Ice" - Cadfael: OIC'd By Sharon!
Melvin Koren From "Highlander The Series": OIC'd By Tryfene!
Winston Hart From "Hold That Dream": OIC'd By Tryfene!
Jonathon-Edgar Wright From "Campion": OIC'd By Tryfene!