Duncan's Friends And Enemies

Throughout his over 400 years of life, Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander has had many friends. You've met some of the most precious to him. But there have been others, naturally. Many, many others both known and as yet unknown. Some of them were also his lovers. Some were his teachers. All of them were important to him. Many of them are dead. Some, sadly, by Duncan own hand. Reared to be Chieftain of the Clan MacLeod, when Duncan was cast out of his Clan, he began the laborious job of building his own Clan. Here are a few of it's members ...

Duncan's Other Friends And Enemies

Charlie DiSalvo:
Doctor Anne Lindsey:
Lucas Desiree:
Hamza Al Kabir:
Mei-Ling Shen:
Hideo Koto:
Carl Robinson:
Marcus Constantine:
Graham Ashe:
Jim Coltec:
Grace Chandel:
Gabriel Piton:
Annie Devlin:
Michael Moore:
Paul Karros:
Michelle Webster:
Brian Cullen:
John Gatrrick:
Mikey Bellow:
Kit O'Brady:
Benny Carbassa - The Nathan Detroit of Immortality!!:
Gregor Powers:
John Kirin:
Ian MacLeod:
Sean The Drummer Boy:
Tommy Sullivan:
Carl the Hermit:
Sean Burns:
Warren Cochrane:
Jean Phillipe LaFayette 111:
Gina de Valincourt:
Robert de Valincourt:
Irena Gallati:
Jacob Gallati:
Walter Graham:
Claudia Jardine:
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Duncan And Ingrid Henning:
Little Deer:
Duncan And Alec Hill:
Linda Plager:
Duncan And Debra Campbell:
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Randi MacFarland - The Lois Lane Of The Immortal Set!!:
Rachel MacLeod:
Duncan's Cousin Robert MacLeod:
Duncan's Mother Mary MacLeod:
Kahani, Duncan's Sioux Adopted Son:
Renee Delany Of The C.I.D.:
Father Bernard Sidos:
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Slan Quince: Here There Be K'immies!!
Xavier St. Cloud:
Willie Kingsly:
John Kern:
Axel Whittaker:
Peter Matlin:
Michael Christian:
Andrew Cord:
Tyler King:
Peter Kanis:
Simon Killian:
Morgan d'Estaing:
Roland Kantos:
Haresh Clay:
Terrance Kincaid:
Kenny!! The Kiddie K'immie!!:
William Culbraith:
Ernst Daimler:
Ivan Kristov:
Gavriel Larca:
Steven Keane:
Paul Kinman:
Kristin Giles:
Liam O'Rourke:
Johnny K:
George Gordan, Lord Byron:
James Horton:
Kronos - His End Of Timeness!!:
Evil Duncan MacLeod:
Melvin Koren:
Otavio Consonne:
Caleb Cole:
Andrew Ballin:
Marcus Karolus:
Alfred Cahill:
Nicolas Ward:
Arthur Drakov:
Martin Hyde:
John Durgan:
Howard Crowly:
Edward Bellian:
Lucas Kagan:
Michael Kent:
Lymon Kurlow:
Christoph Kuyler:
Felicia Martins:
Walter Reinhardt:
Carlo Sendaro:
Alexei Voshin:
Charles Browning:
Anthony Gallen:
Danny Cimoli: