Images of Methos

Death On A Horse:
Methos And Mac Disagree:
Methos And The Ivanhoe:
Methos And The Methuselah Stone:
Methos Relaxes With His Sword:
Love That Ivanhoe!:
Just A Guy Montage:
I Am Methos ... You Live To Serve Me Montage:
The Patented Methos Sprawl:
"You Are Such A Pain In The Ass!":
The Nose!!:
Gentleman Methos:
Bronze Age Methos:
Doctor Benjamin Adams:
Methos And Byron:
Doc Adams And "Patient":
Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die:
Evil Methos:
Those Hands!!:
A Hug From The ROG:
A Kiss From The ROG:
Methos And Alexa:
Methos, Adam And The BFLG:
Twinkle Toes!!:
The Four Horsemen Of The Apocolypse:
Methos In Blue Boxers!!:
More Blue Boxers!:
Those Lips!!:
Another Methos Montage:
Field Of Dreams/Addicted To Sprawl:
Methos Rocks!!:

Methos Speaks And Moves And Everything In Between!!

Methos The Delivery Boy!:
Methos Opinion Of His Sarcasm:
Classic ROG:
Methos Answer To Any Request For Self-Sacrifice:
Romantic Methos:
Methos And The High Life:
"I'm An Actor!":
Methos The Musician:
Why Won't You Go Out With Me?:
The Philosphical Methos:
Methos "Supposed" Opinion Of Himself:
Methos And That Trice D@mned Cat!:
"It's My Nose, Isn't It?":
Methos the Truthsayer:
More Classic ROG:
And The Answer Is: Yes, Ohhh Yes!:
Methos The Spaniard:
Methos And Guilt:
Methos Favorite Pick Up Line:
Methos Rages About Alexa's Coming Death:
Methos The Sarcastic:
"I Was Death ...":
Methos' "There Can Be Only One!":
"For This I Left Kathmandu?":
Methos The Totally Sarcastic:
Ultimately Classic ROG:
"I'm Too Old For This":
Methos Opinion Of MacLeod:
Methos And Beer:
"Who *Are* You?":
"I Was There!":
Methos Advice To The Highlander:
Every Dark MacCloud Has A Silver Lining:
Methos Talks About Himself:
What Methos Thinks Of Cassie:
Methos And Pop Culture:
Methos Plea To Kronos:
"Greetings Brother!":
"Did I Kill All Those People? The Answer Is -":
A Polite Request From The ROG!!:
"You Bastard!":
"You're Not Listening ...":
Mac Reassures Methos About Alexa:
Why Methos Doesn't Want To Die ...:
Kronos Unique Way Of Saying Hello: A Quick Time Movie!! Patience!! It takes time to load!!
Methos Confesses To Mac, "I was Death ...": Another Quick Time Movie! These next several movies all take time to load!!
Methos And Cassandra Relax In The Tent: Quick Time!! Gotta Have Quick Time!!
"I Am Methos ... You Live To Serve Me ...": Quick Time Movie!!
Methos And Cassandra Talk: Quick Time Again!
Methos And Mac In The Church At The End Od "Revelations 6:8": No, I'm not done with Quick Time yet!!
Methos And Amanda At The Train Station:
Methos And Mac Paint The House And Other Things:
Methos And Mac's First Metting: We're still working on Quick Time here, folks!!
Methos Offers Mac His Head:
Mac's Cheeky Way Of Calling Methos A Bad Name!! *snerk*:
An Animated Gif Of Methos!!:
Another Animated Methos Gif:
Yet Another Methos Gif:
The Peter Wingfield Fan Club:
The Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild!!:
Methos In The Opening Sequence!: This Movie is Courtesy Of Eric Yauger!! Thanks!!