My Guy Roy Batty!

Roy is a Nexus 6 Replicant from the movie "Bladerunner". Created as a soldier by Dr. Eldon Tyrell of the Tyrell Corp Roy is extremely strong, quick, and much too intelligent for anybody else's good. So what's Roy problem? He has a limited lifespan: four years ... tick ...tock ... tick ...tock ... The Nexus 6 series of replicant's were created to be as human-like as possible. Virtually indistingiushable from "real" humans they were also implanted with memory emgrams to give them a past and to assist in their sometimes precarious pyschological balance. In other words they feel and think no differently than "real" humans. Roy served his entire life as a soldier fighting in interstellar wars (ala "StarShip Troopers"). Then sensing that his time was almost up Roy and a group of his fellow Nexus 6 replicant's (Pris, Leon and Zhora) rebeled, hijacked a ship and returned to earth where they sought out Dr. Eldon Tyrell. Once on earth they were hunted by what was known as a "Bladerunner": a Police Officer who's duty it was to "retire" (kill) rogue replicants. This job fell to ace Bladerunner Rick Deckard (portrayed in the film Bladerunner by Harrison Ford). It was Roy's intention to force Dr. Tyrell to disclose the secret of prolonging a replicants life, a ticklish and difficult exorcise in gentic manipulation. When he discovered that Tyrell was as helpless to give him more life as he himself was Roy killed Tyrell. One by one Roy's companions were "retired" by Deckard until only Roy was left. Deckard had a somewhat more difficult time with Roy ... the Bladerunner was in fact losing very badly in his confrontation with the Nexus 6 Roy Batty. The wounded, battered and frightened Deckard was trapped atop a huge building running for his life when he tried to jump to another building and didn't quite make it. Hanging on for dear life with two broken fingers (coutesy of Roy: "This is for Pris." *SNAP* "This is for Zhora." *SNAP*) Deckard was saved by Roy who hauled him up to the top of the building. He didn't kill Deckard as the Bladerunner clearly expected. Instead he mourned the passing of all the wonders that he had seen (SEE the Tears In The Rain wav on this page) and then he died.

Androids And Robots And Replicant's, Oh My!!

Roy And The Dove:
Roy Likes Chess:
Jocular Roy!:
Roy Saves Deckard:
Roy And J. F. Sebastian:
Leather Lad Roy:
The Dying Roy:
Mean looking Roy!!:
Roy The Contemplative:
Hard Headed Roy!!:
"I'm Coming For You!":
Bloody But Unbowed:
The Hand Of Roy's Fate:
The Shoulder Of Orion: Roy Mentions The Sight OF "The Shoulder Of Orion" As One Of The Things That Will Die With Him ... Here It Is
Roy Disarms Deckard:
The Fate Of Eldon Tyrell:

Roy Batty Wavs And Videos!!

Tears In The Rain:
More Life:
Good Man:
"I'm Going To Give You A Few Seconds Before I Come For You ...":
Roy Meets His Maker:
Music For "Tears In The Rain":
Roy Talks To Pris: These next are video from Bladerunner!! They take a loooog time to load! Be patient!! You'll need Quick Time to see them, but they're worth it!!:):)
The End Is Near:
Roy Talks To Chew, The Maker Of Eyes:
Roy Confronts Eldon Tyrell:
Roy's Death:
The Dove Flies After Roy's Death:
The Death Of Eldon Tyrell:
More Roy:

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