I    am    Obsessed    With    Rutger    Hauer!!

And proud of it!! The man is one of the best actors on the face of the planet, IMHO!! As someone once said, "Oh bugger that! He's gorgeous!!" OOOOOOOO, yes! That, too!! With Rutger you get the best of both worlds!! A stupendous actor AND a hunk!! The man has an acting range that simply will not quit!! He has played heroes and fiends romantic leads and bit parts as well as everything in between. Well, enough of my raving!! Here's some proof of what I say!

My Little Shrines To Rutger's Best Character's!!

My Little Shrine To Roy Batty!!:
My Little Shrine To Etienne Of Navarre!!:
My Little Shrine To AT From "Crossworlds"!!:
My Little Shrine To Eric From "Turkish Delight"!!: Yes, This Is Just An Excise To Post Some Nekkid Rutger Pictures!! You Got A Problem With That??
My Little Shrine To Nick Parker From "Blind Fury"!!:
My Little Shrine To Sasha From "Escape From Sobibor"!!:
My Little Shrine To Sallow From "The Blood Of Heroes"/"Day Of The Jugger":
My Little Shrine To Wulfgar!!:
My Little Shrine To King Vortigern!:
Little Rutger Odds And Ends!:
Tour Rutger's Trailer!!:

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