The Blue Faced Love God!!

     To The Tune of:  "Hair!"

You ske me why
I love such hairy guys?
I love them noon and night!
Hair that's a sight!
Horseman say, "Don't You know?
Methos loves hair!"
Oh no!
Cassie comes to your bed
Loves a hairy head!
Methos -

Grow me a head with hair!
Long beautiful hair!
Gleaming, streaming
Behind you as you ride!
Hair!  Won't you gimme down to there?
Shoulder length or longer!
Hair ROG, oh ROG, Oh hair!!
Hair baby, hair Methos!

Let it flow in the breeze
Run my fingers through with ease!
Grow it down to your knees oh, your hair!
Don't you tease
No scissors please!

Oh, say can you se
My eyes if you can -
Then my hairs too short!

Hair, hair, hair, hair, etc!!

Bronze Age stylish
Don't ever cut your hair!
Your hair!

Fen go ga-ga from the git-go
When they see you with your wpd-oh
Woad benath your masses
Of long beautiful -
Free flowing hair!!

Hair! Won't you gimme down to there!
Shoulder length or longer
Hair ROG, Oh ROG, oh hair!
Hair baby, hair Methos, hair!

I like it straight Methos
Grow it for me, never, never
Cut it, keep it, long , long
Why, oh why, wear it so short?

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