Connor And Ramirez Parodies

     Tune"  "Johnny B. Goode"

Way down in Egyptland like old Pharoah did
Way back up on the Nile among the Pyramids
In a humble cottage so the legend says
There lived an Immie boy name of Juan Ramirez
Well, now, he very quickly learned to whack real well
And he could charm the Ladies like ringing a bell!

Go!  Go!
Go Johnny, go!
Go!  Go!
Johnny's so good!!

He always speaks to Ladies in voice so sweet
His kisses are surely meant to raise some heat!
Oh, now, his stylish clothes might let you think that he's a fop
No wonder Connor calls him Spanish Peacock!
Ladies passing by all stop and coo!
My that pretty Immie boy can woo!


His Mama told him someday he would be a man
And he would be a lover and have many fans!
Many Ladies come from miles away
Just to love that Immie boy and then pray he'll stay!
Well, I declare his name should be in lights
Saying Johnny's so good tonight!


     Tune:  "They Call the Wind Mariah!"

Oh, I was born of Clan MacLeod and Connor is my name!
And I was fine until he came!
They call the man Ramirez!
But then one day I was cast out; Glen Finnan's far behind me!
And now I'm lost - so very lost - how in God's name did he find me??

Ramirez, Ramirez ... they call the man Ramirez -

Before I knew Ramirez name and heard his coice complainin'
The Kurgan came and he killed me without any good explaining!
But then one day Ramirez came; I know that he's no Clansman,
Won't someone please explain to me how his accent's Egyptian??

Ramirez, Ramirez ... they call the man Ramirez!

And now I've got a problem with a General named Katana!
Oh, he's a guy from way back home; he's gone they sing Hosanna's!
I've got to bring The Shield down; Louise has made her plea -
Ramirez please come back to me!  I need you here beside me!

Ramirez, Ramirez!  They call the man Ramirez ...
Ramirez, Ramirez!  Please come back to me!

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