This is Darius

He was my first Sim Guy. My favorite Holy Dude currrently is Bishop of SimCity and head of the local Monastary, St. Steven's. In charge of the Catholic religious life of SimCity he takes his duties seriously! The 2,000 year old Darius was once a great General and Conqueror. Sweeping to the gates of Paris he was confronted by a reclusive priest/hermit known only as The Good Immortal. When Darius took The Good Immortal's head his life changed forever! Darius is the only known recepient of what has come to be called a "Light Quickening" (as opposed to a Dark Q). He abandoned his Army and left the life of a General behind him. In fact Darius took up Holy Orders and became a Catholic priest. For over a thousand years Darius has served Mother Church in one fashion or another. Until recently he was the rector of St. Joseph's Church in Paris. Darius never leaves Holy Ground but he has toiled ceaselessly in the cause of world peace thru his students such as Victor Paulus and others. He has long been opposed by his former Lt. Greyson. Darius was recognized by the Papacy and bestowed with the title Bishop Of SimCity after an unfortunate incident with a group of rogue Watchers (called Hunters) lead by James Horton. Darius now resides in SimCity. The good Bishop is fond of old books and parchaments. He is also a very avid chess player and loves conversation. Something of a herbalist Darius is also fond of experimenting with new recipes for herbal teas and such. Be warned!!:):) Visit the good Bishop and you are likely to be served tea ... don't ask what's they're made from ... Trust me on this!!:):) Darius is kind and gentle and wise beyond even his 2,000 years with a ready, sympathetic ear and a humble heart.

Darius Speaks!

Darius First Meeting With Duncan:
Duncan's Eulogy:
Duncan's Reaction To Darius'Death:
"I Am Darius":
Darius' Entry In The Watcher DataBase!!:

Images Of A Priest!

Darius At Waterloo:
Again, Waterloo:
Darius And Duncan At Waterloo:
Darius And Duncan In Modern Times:
Darius And His Tea:
Darius Contemplates His Priesthood:
A Godly Man:
A Priest:
A Good Man: These images are courtesy of tirnanog and Rob Sharrow!!
Darius And Richie: This image courtesy of Astrochick MacFru!!
The Book Of Darius: Visit my friend tirnanog's Book Of Darius for all things Darius!! This Site has it all!! Pics, fanfic, History, info on Werner Stocker who portrayed Darius, etc!! A MUST for Darius fans!!
Darius Serves Duncan THAT Tea!: You'll need QuickTime Movies For This