The Siver Fox!! The Blues Man!!

     Tune:  "Wasn't that A Party?"
     By:  Tom Paxton

Couklda been the Scotch, now!
Coulda been the gin!
Coulda been the three or four six packs, I don't know!
But would ya look at the mess I'm in??
My head's like a sword hilt!
I wish that I could die!
But tell me, me oh, me oh, my!
Wasn't that a party??

Duncan took some panties
Wore them like a hat!
I saw Methos under the kitchen table 
Talking to my old tom cat!
The cat was talking back!
Long about then everything went black!
But wasn't that a party!?

I'm sure it's jut my memory
Playing tricks on me
But I think I saw Amanda
Steal my neighbors tree!
She was naked as can be!!
Richie was sitting in the backyard
Blowing on a siren from somebody's Police car!

So you see Your Honor!
It was all in fun!!
That little bitty track meet down on Main street
Was just to see if the cops could run!
Well, they run us in to see you
I'm in an alcoholic haze!
And I sure can use those thirty days!
But - wasn't that a party!?


          Tune: "Send The Marines!" By: Tom Lehrer 

          When Immortals make a move 
          Of which I don't approve Who is it that always intervens? 
          Methos and Richie - yes 
          They have their place I guess 
          But first - Send in MacLeod!! 

          I'll send them all I've got 
          Oh, Watchers by the lot 
          Remember swordfighting scenes so proud 
          He kills Immies without flaw 
          But not my brother-in-law! 
          So what do I do? I send in MacLeod 

          For might nakes right 'til 
          Immies see the light Immortals kill and maime 
          Watchers scheme and blame 
          'Til somebody we like can win The Game! 

          When I need someone whacked 
          Because somehow they lack 
          The special things we look for in 
          The One Call it manipulation 
          Rather it's contemplation 
          Watcher want the world to know 
          That we support the status quo 
          Immies they all love us so 
          What do I do? I send in MacLeod! 

          Tune: "Sweet Music Man" By: Kenny Rogers 

          I wouldn't listen and I couldn't see 
          And all I have left now are words you and to me 

          Sing your song Sweet Music Man! 
          You jam every night with a four peice band 
          That plays for you what you ask it to 
          You're a hellava singer and a powerful man 
          And you surround youself with people who listen then sing along 
          You touch my soul with your beautiful Blues 
          Even had me singing along right with you! 
          You said, "I'll play for you!" 
          Then you sang the words and added harmony 
          And you played the song you'd sung for us 
          Like it was new 

          And nobody sings a Blues song quite like you do! 
          Nobody else can make me sing along 
          Nobody else can make me feel 
          That things are right when they're wrong with a song 
          Nobody sings a Blues song quite like you! 

Sing you song Sweet Music Man! 
          Cause I'll be there to tap my foot like I used to I'll sing with you! 
          Now the songs you've sung to so many people 
          Have all begun to come back on you! 
          So sing your songs Sweet Music Man 
          Don't go makin' your living doin' one night strands 
          Let me prove to you - 
          You're still a hellava singer powerful man 
          I'm always one last fan you can sing to! 

          So sing your song Sweet Music Man - 
          I believe in you .. 

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