Hey!  It's not everyone who has the nerve to parody themselves!!  *snicker* *snarf* *snort*

    Tune:  "The Boxer"
    By: Simon And Garfunkel

Oh, I am Leadfingers Lites
And my story's seldom told!
I massacre my Parodies 
With three feet of fretted shitboard and a capo!
I take requests!
And I do the ones with just two chords and disreguard the rest!

Lie, lie, lie! ETC!!

Asking free beer and exspenses I go looking for a gig
But I get no offers!
Just a come on from Dunkie 
At Joe's Place now!
I do decalre
There were times when I was so desperate
I stole some lyrics there!!

Lay, lay, lay!  ETC!!

Now, I am just a scribbler
And my frineds all say to me
I have squandered my resources
On my songs so filled with laughter
Such are Parodies!
All lies in jest
Highlander is my inspiration
Yes, Methos and the rest!

Hey, hey, het!  Etc!!

I just joined the Clan MacParody
I helped found the DOB!
I sprawl ehere ere I can ...
And I mainline Pete's Ale beer!
It's inexspensive!
Now this I swear
Bought my boyfriend some blue boxers
And he bought me a pair!

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