Miscellaneous Non-HL Parodies

     Tune:  "Ballad Of The Unknown Stuntman" (The Fall Guy)
     By"  Glen A. Larsen

Now, i'm not the kind to kiss and tell
But I've been seen with Harlan!
I've never been seen with anyone but a Pro!
Oh no!  Oh no!

I've been real drunk with Bob Tucker
Filksang with Haldeman!
Somehow it seems that they all love me so!
Ho ho!  Ho ho!

It's a real Astounding life I lead
Hearing all the gossip
SF is my hobby but fandom is more fun!
But the smartesst thing I ever so
By far is to drop the names of Pro's all over
While I'm making some gross pun!

I might go to Cons all over
And I do like Hotel Bars!
Oh, I'm the Well Known Truefan
That makes Pournelle such a star!

I've never spent much time reading
But I know Pro's a plenty!
It's true I've never written anything
But hey!  I sing!!

Now, I've gotten lost with Gordie D
Made boose runs with Aspirin
But when the Dorsai start to sing
I always say -
Oy vey!  Oy vey!

Oh, I might SMOF with BNF'sOr fall for Tucker's line!
Cause I'm The Well Known Truefan
That makes Heinblien look so fine!!

     Tune:  "Wasn't That A Party?"
     By:  Tom Paxton

Might have been the Tully
Might have been the gin
Might have been the three or four Jim Beam's I don't know!
But would ya look at the mess I'm in?!
Voice like a bullfrog
Bleeding fingers make me cry
But tell me, me oh me oh my!
Wasn't that a filksing?!

Well, Gordy went for ice
Hasn't made it back!
I saw Suzette down by the Hotle front desk
Singing to a potted plant!
She was singing about Gordie
The plant was singing back!
Long about then everything went black!
But wasn't that a filksing!?

I'm sure it's just my mem'ry
Fails me when it can!
But I think I saw ol' Yang T
Seduce a femme fan ("Have some Madeira, M'Dear?")
He was grinnijng I could see
C. J. was sitting in the Hotle Lobby
Blowing on a siren from somebody's Police car!

Me and Joe and Yang now
Went a little far!
We were setting off fire alarms
To empty out the Hotel Bar!
We were stealing all the Tully
The Hotel wants it back!
Think maybe we ought to go and pack -
But wasn't that a filksing!?

So you see Your Honor!
It was all in fun!
That little bitty track meet through the Hotel halls
Was just to see if the cops could run!
Well, they run us in to see you
I'm in an alcoholic haze!
And I sure can use those thirty days!
But - wasn't that a filksing!?

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