Welcome to my Parodies O'Plenty!!  I'm Dannell Lites, Fearless Leader of the Clan MacParody
And I write parodies ... A LOT of them!  Be Ye Warned!!  Parodies ahead!!
Just to give you some idea of what lies ahead check out the following:

     Tune:  "Thank Heaven For Little Girls"

Thank heaven for little fru's
For little fru's get better every day!
We're drooling at little fru's
they cheer us in the most delightful way
Methos eyes so green-gold and appealing!
One day they'll flash - his dark sides so revealing!

Thank heaven for little fru's
Thank heaven for little fru's no matter where no matter who
Without them what would Clan MacFru do??
Thank heaven ...
Thank heaven ...
Thank heaven for lit-tle fru's!!

There you go!!  More Parodies ahead!  You have been warned! \
Take shelter immediately!!

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