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Music To Stir The Soul

The "Kyrie" from Mozart's "Requiem Mass":
The "Dies Irae" from Mozart's "Requiem Mass":
The "Confutatis" from Mozart's "Requiem Mass": Bless Ya'll Wolfie Mozart For Some WONDERFUL Mucic!!
"Princes Of The Universe"!!: Queen!! Yes, the whole thing!!
"Who wants To Live Forever?": Queen!!
"Dust In The Wind": By Kansas!! It's the whole thing! Takes a while to load ... Patience Highlander!!
Joe's Narration and the opening music!!: Again, takes a while to load!!
Bonnie Portmore!!: By Loreena MacKennitt - the whole thing - takes a while to load!!
"Stand By Me"!: No, not Joe:(:( But it's the original by Ben E. King! Or part of it! *sigh* Best I could do folks!!
"Casta Diva" from Belline's opera "Norma"!!: Duncan and Tessa in the art room in "Not To Be" ... what more can I say??
"Casta Diva" again!: This time by the imcomparible Maria Callas!! Oh, to sing like that!! To sing like that!!
The Song I would like to dedicate to Methos ...: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" takes a bit to load so if your not crazy about the song ...
My dedication to Duncan and Connor!!: Hi, Cel Sugah!! This is all your fault you know!! You started it!!
JOe Sings, "Stuck On You"!!:
Joe Sings "Junior Burn The House Down"!!:
Joe Sings "Treat Me This Way"!!:
The ROG Has The Last Word!: Thanks for the wav Bay! From "Indescretions"!!
Connor On The Pipes (Amazing Grace): Sorry Cel, Sugah!!:(:( I know I promished I wouldn't make ya'll cry, but ...
"Scotland The Brave"!!:
"The Fly Has Married The Bumblebee" (from "Unusual Suspects"): Bless You Pookkah For This Wav!!
"Hey, Mister! I'm Nobody's Sister!" Amanda Sings! (from "The Return Of Amanda"): And This One TOO!!
Kalas Sings!! (From "Methos"): "O Scave Fanculla" By Puchinni
Celedon's Chamber: For All Your Help With This Site And All The Connor Piccy's, Cel Sugah!! Check It Out Folks! A Kewl New Site!! Read A Story!! Buy A Tee!
Pookah"s HL Site!!: Visit My Friend Pookkah's Site And See Her Great Piccy, Animated Gifs, And Wav's!!
Joe Sings "Stand By Me"!:

Friends And Enemies Of Duncan MacLeod

Conner MacLeod:
Richie Ryan:
Amanda-Our Lady Of The Light Fingers!!:
Hugh Fitzcairn:
Joe Dawson:
Tessa Noel:
Other Friends And Enemies Of Duncan MacLeod: