The Villians Of The Piece!!

     Tune:  "Jesus Loves The Little Children"

Kenny he's a little kimmie
Of all kimmies he's the worst!
Subtle, devious with mac
He'll behead you with a whack!
Kenny he's a little kimmies that's a fact!!

     Tune:  "Jingle Bells"

Quickenings are so nice
But beheadings not PC
There can beonly one
Why can't it be me?
I'm so innocent
Trust me if you dare
But I'll betray you with out a hint


To The Tune Of: "Sharp Dressed Man" 

Oh, clothes that are worn 
I want to read now some Kenny porn 
My sword at my side 
I laughed when Dolman Ross he died! 
They run away just as fast as they can 
'Cause everybody's frightened of a Kenny Fan!

Immies have their fears 
Kenny's been around for 800 yrs 
Sneak thief extrodinaire 
Kenny steals our trust and that we just can't spare 
I surf the Internet as much as I can 
But there's no place there you'll find a lot of Kenny fans!

Kenny I memorialize 
I'll start a Fan Club for my favorite guy! 
Oh, he's a k'immie so 
He'll whack you and then oh my he'll go 
Now like Methos our Kenny has a plan 
So, everybody's frightened of a Kenny Fan!!
For your life I won't spare!

Oh, Kenny's back!
Kenny's back!
Kenny's back in town
Oh what fun it is to slay
And sing a whacking song I've found!!

MacLeod is such a jerk
Yeah, and Richie Ryan too!
I just have to smirk
Neither has a clue!
They will bothe be dead
In my cunning trap
I'll betray them then I'll take their heads!
Why are they such saps?

     Tune:  "I Wanna Be Sedated"
            "The Kurgan's Song!"
     By:  The Ramones

Just two or three, two or three left no more!
I want to be be beheading!
Yes, I'll be The One on that I swore!
I want to be beheading!
Just fight me now in scotland
just fight me for The Prize!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Oh, I'll be in disguise!
Whack you with my broadsword
You'll watch your head as it flies
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh!!

Connor, Connor, Connor, Conor!
I want to be beheading!

Repeat Above Verse

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Parodies O'Plenty!:

I Love Kimmies!
To the Tune Of: "I Feel Pretty"
By: Steven Sondheim

I love Kimmies! Oh, yes Kimmies! Kronos and Grayson and K! And I pity Anybody who gets in their way!

They're so charming - So disarming! It's alarming how swiftly they heal! And such Kimmies Dearly love to pillage, rape and steal!

See the Kurgan in that alley there: Oh, who can that headless corpse be? Such a pretty face, Chain-mail leather dressed, Such a deadly sword! Such singing off key!

He's so stunning Oh so cunning; Feel like running and screaming for help! 'Fore I'm whacked by The baddest Kimmie ever whelped!

Have you met my good friend dear Kalas? The musical Kimmie who gloats You'll know him the minute you hear him For he is the Kimmie who can not sing a note!

Mac thinks he's a pain MacLeod he does blame It's so very plain He's really insane!

Kronos met defeat His End Of Timeness Is his'try complete Out West he was best!

He's Death on a horse Send for Duncan Oh, this is not our ROG now, by damn!

Byron is sure So vile and refined Well bred and mature And out of his mind!

See His Evilness in that T-Bird there! Is that vileness he's planning - Hee Hee! Such a naughty scheme Such an agile tongue I will raise a hymn Praising EDM!

Evil is pretty! It's a pity That so very few people can see! The Dark Beauty And delicious thrill badness can be!

I love Kimmies, Villians so yummy, I love Immies gone bad and unkind And so evil, The Devil he can just resign!

To The Tune Of: "Thriller"
By: Michael Jackson

It's after midnight and someone evil's lurking in the dark! Oh, by the streetlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart: You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it! You start to freeze as death it looks you right between the eyes, You're traumatized

Kurgan's a Killer, Killer night! And no one's gonna save you when K's about to strike! You know he's a Killer, Killer night You're fighting for your life now with a Killer, Killer tonight

You hear the door crash and realize there's nowhere left to run You feel his cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination But all the while you hear that Kimmie creepin' up behind You're out of time

'Cause he's a Killer, Killer night There ain't no second chance against a man who wants the Prize! You know he's Killer, Killer night You're fighting for your life now with a Killer, Killer tonight

New Immies call The Gathering's upon us - who will be The One? There's no escapin' Kurgan's lethal sword this time (He's come for you) This is the end of your life

He's out to get you, he's coming - closing in on every side He will behead you for in the end there can be only one! Now is the time for you and I to run and hide together All thru the hours he seeks us in the darkness of the night, He'll hear no pleas -

'Cause he's a Killer, Killer night He will kill you fast as the R-O-G can tell a lie! Yes, he's a Killer, Killer night And in the deepest night we'll face a Killer, Killer, Killer, Killer here tonight

Darkness falls across the land The midnite hour is close at hand Kurgan prowls in search of blood To terrorize y'all's neighborhood And any Immie that he's found Will find his head soon on the ground Must stand and face the strongest one Cross blades until The Prize is won A Quickening is in the air The skill of some three thousand years Of fighting pain with every wound Are closing in to seal your doom And though you fight to stay alive Your body starts to quiver For no Immortal can resist The power of a Killer!

The End