AIMs Who Have Not Yet Arrived In Sim City

This is Suz, again! Here is a list of AIM's who haven't made it to Sim City yet!! Keep your eyes peeled, Good Simizens! If any of the following are spotted in The City notify the Office Of AIM Affaris immediately!! If you would like for any these beautiful AIMs to come to Sim City, tell me and I will issue an invitation! Thank you!

Absent AIMs

Patrice From "The Cover Girl Murders": Fashion photographer!
Edward Hale From The "Murder She Wrote Ep " "Danse Diabolique: Ballet dancer!
Dimitri Benko From The "Beauty And The Beast" Ep "Ashes, Ashes": Defeacting Soviet seaman!
Brady From "Convergence": Pathologist! Coroner!
Jeremiah Collins From "Dark Shadows": Younger Brother of Barnabas Collins!! (Sorry Ladies! NOT a vamp!!)
Enrico Pazzoli From "Love Potion #9": Wealthy Foreign Car Dealer!!
Jack From The Tarzan Tv Series: No Photos Available At This Time
Tony From "Last Rites": A Mafia Muscle Guy!!
Lover Man From Sheena Easton Music Video "Days Like This": Wealthy fickle playboy!!
Ian From "Shooter": An Australian News cameraman! "G'day sheilas!"
Duncan From Duende: Aiee, Caramba!! The Line Forms On The Right, Ladies!
Western Duncan From "Comes A Horseman": He And Koren Could Have Some "FUN* Times Together!!
Duncan The Nerd!: Hey!! He And Bertie Could Keep The Books Together!!
Duncan The Shrew From "Timeless": Dunkie In Drag!! Just Think Of All The Fun He And Frankie Could Have!!